Neighborhood Spotlight: Westlake Village

Westlake Village, a perfect suburban lifestyle……….

Westlake Village is a residential area with a certain appeal. The neighborhood is far away from the buzzing streets of Los Angeles, nestled in the quiet Conejo Valley. The Conejo Valley’s history is as quaint as its lulled existence today. It began as ranch country in the 1800’s, with rolling hills of grazing cattle and herds of Spanish rabbits, Conejos, which gave the valley its name. After a relatively long existence as near no-man’s-land, Hollywood came to town, making use of the open country and establishing movie ranches in the 1950’s.

Real residential development didn’t begin in Conejo Valley until after 1960 when the San Fernando Valley started running out of land for new housing. It was during this time that Daniel Ludwig started the development on a “city in the country,” which would eventually become Westlake Village.

From a market perspective, the two zip codes in Westlake Village (South and North of the freeway) offer two different housing markets. South of the 101 freeway, area code 91361, has had a 37.7% increase in median sales price year over year. North of the freeway, 91362, has had a 0.1% decrease year over year. However, for all of Westlake Village experts explain that, because there is no more room for further development in the area, prices will increase with demand.

What does Westlake Village have to offer?

Westlake Village is a quiet enclave with many amenities for anyone looking to relax. The wealthy, suburban area offers a thriving country club life. You can take your yacht out on Westlake Village’s private lake and play gold in the same day. There’s also a great deal of activities for outdoorsy people, with Malibu’s beaches a mere few miles away and plenty of hiking and horseback riding trails throughout the Conejo Valley. It’s also ideal for anyone who loves the suburban life. Quiet and routine, the neighborhood’s scene involves running into people you know at the Coffee Bean and Sunday afternoon walks around the lake.

What makes Westlake Village so special?

What might be seen as bonuses to a certain crowd might deter others from moving to Westlake Village. It really depends on who you are. The quaint suburban life might be well-suited to settled, content, wealthy people. However, if you’re young, single, and not rich, it might not be the place for you. Westlake Village lacks any semblance of a nightlife, arts, music, and shopping. Some people like a quiet Friday night, but it isn’t for everybody. Likewise, unless you work in Westlake Village itself (which isn’t very likely) you’ll probably be commuting at least to the San Fernando Valley. Making a big commute every day can be absolutely exhausting, and it may not be the best choice for you.