How To Get Your Home Ready For Fall!


Fall is finally here! The weather is cooling down, Halloween costumes are for sale, and pumpkin spice-flavored everything is available at Starbucks. During this time of year, people can expect a larger flow of guests in their home than usual. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Halloween events, or simply a fun party bringing friends and family together. It can be tricky to quickly switch your home from bright summer decor to a warmer, fall feel. But, even making a few, fast design changes can usher fall into your home. Check out these 8 quick tricks for easy fall design!


1. Update Art

Your bright, cheery art is perfect for spring and summer. For fall, try swapping it out for something that matches the season. Look for a more subdued color pallet in the art you choose. Try for warm tones of brown, red, and even copper. If those colors don’t work for your walls, stick to more muted, earthy colors. Better yet, look for pieces that incorporate rustic textures, like driftwood, to soften and warm up your space. Swapping out a statement art piece will instantly make your home ready for the season.

2. Bring the Outdoors Inside

One thing everyone loves about fall is the outdoors. The smells, colors, and textures of fall are naturally soothing and warm. So, an easy way to make fall part of your decor is to do it literally. Add fall leaves to centerpieces, fill bowls with pinecones, and pick candles that mimic the smells we all love outside. Pumpkins are also a great, classic way to bring fall into your space.

3. Swap Out Pillows

Just like your wall art, pillows are a great, easy way to switch to a Fall pallet. Throw pillows on couches and chairs can add accents of color and texture that help set the mood for your room. Look for pillows with the same sort of pallets you want in wall art: warm or muted tones. Fall is an especially good time to play with textures on the fabric of your pillows, so try something different, like quaint sweater pillows, that will add to the welcoming feel of your home. Velvet is also a good option if you’re looking for something a little more chic. And toss a comfy throw into the mix for extra comfort.

4. Focus on the Mantel

In colder months, your fireplace becomes a focal point of your home. By itself, a fireplace with a roaring fire does a great job at accentuating the coziness of your space. Emphasize that coziness by paying close attention to the decorations on your mantel. Add interesting pieces of art, pictures, candles, and fall-inspired decorations. This is also a good time to update your fireplace accessories, like a decorative fireplace screen or a weaved basket for firewood.

5. Look at Your Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in setting a room’s mood. For fall, you don’t want to over do it with bright LEDs, which will take away from the warm, cozy feeling of the season. But, you don’t want it so dark that it’s difficult to see. Try for softer lighting, like Edison bulbs. Also, try peppering your space with candles, which will add to the warmth of your space even if they don’t add a lot of actual light on their own.

6. Show Off Your Fall Gear

With colder weather, you’ll be leaving the house in coats and scarves. Play up this idea by displaying your fall clothes near the door. Think of warm coats and scarves hanging on stylish hooks with boots underneath. This look will add to the aesthetic of a warm space in cold weather, drawing attention to the quaint, rustic feel of the season. Plus, it’s a lot more practical to grab a coat on the way out the door.

7. Get a New Rug

As simple as it seems, getting a new rug will make a huge difference in your space. Rugs can change the entire feel of a room—especially if you’re barefoot. Fall is a time for lush, thick, and soft textures under your feet. Try something like a sheepskin fur rug, which has a great texture in a neutral tone. Love your rug already? Layer over it with a small rug in a lush texture to keep your room focused on a fall aesthetic.

8. Update Your Bedding

Updating your bedding isn’t just about style; it’s also practical. With cold weather closing in, you’ll want to swap out your lightweight cotton sheets for something that will keep you warm through frigid nights. Store your spring and summer bedding, and swap them out for a down comforter and duvet cover. Flannel and jersey sheets are also a good option if you’re looking for something softer.